Inspiration behind new blog page – To give my friends on Facebook a break from Sophbox!

Shameless blogger again…..

Does anyone remember that classic, “Please delete me, let me go”, (Good old Engelbert Humperdinck singing about the perils of Facebook!). I have never abused my Faceache page as much as I have this summer. A thousand apologies. Just to reiterate, you would never offend by deleting me xxx

Your parents are your foundations, they help define you. You spend your life knowing they’ll always fight your corner. You go through life checking decisions with them, as you know their life experience is invaluable. They’re your biggest fans and hopefully vice versa. It’s such a pain in the heart when, without warning, the tables are turned.

I’m not trying to elicit a response to this blog. Again, my closest friends will tell you I do not like discussing my feelings. (Although my recent blogs may suggest otherwise!!). Tea and sympathy may work for others, but not for me. I think I’m just doing this to reach out to others who are finding themselves in a similar situation. Facebook should never be about taking life at face value, because our faces can cleverly mask inner turmoil. Social media can be so damaging when people create a superficial and false reality. I’m a massive believer in keeping it real.

Yes, I am usually the eccentric, hyper and stupid Sophster, who always sees the positive and funny side of life. But we all have our off moments. This is mine. It’s okay to allow yourself your tears. Tears are productive, as you’re being true to yourself. Sometimes, life temporarily immobilises us. These times are there to allow us to take stock and recharge. It’s not easy to admit defeat to your feelings, but it’s not really a defeat, but a strength.

We can all dream of freezing moments in time, but it’s not humanly possible (unfortunately). I’m on a new chapter in my life, where I’m suddenly finding myself in the role of a voice for my parents, in their vulnerable moments. Others who find themselves in a similar role, should see it as an honour and a priviledge. I know I do. If you’ve spent your whole life feeling loved by your parents, it’s the most nurturing and empowering feeling. (Love is my favourite word, if you didn’t already know that, keep up!).

I’m a frustrated writer, using facebook to satisfy this need. It doesn’t! I dream of the day my amazing (and long suffering) Bugsy, says “What bills? Mortgage? Lidl food shop?!!! Lock yourself away and get writing that book Soph!”………..


2 thoughts on “Inspiration behind new blog page – To give my friends on Facebook a break from Sophbox!

  1. This is such a brilliant idea! May the catlady remain on her Sophbox for a very long time – I shall look forward to reading the installments……..xxxxxx


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