Soph’s world…..

I’m a 44 year old child, born under the sign of Aries and spend my days living the reality of the Mad March Hare. I’m addicted to the 3 C’s…… Cats, Chocolate and Crazy. I’m happy with my addictions. I come from a long line of teachers. Both my Grandpas were Headmasters, as was my Dad. I think my Mum had hoped I’d follow in the same footsteps, but for as long as I can remember, I just wanted to be a Mum! So, today, I’m a Teaching Assistant in a secondary school. I love my role, although I do sometimes miss my old job working with children and adults with special needs. I’ve been in my current job for 15 months now. I’ve never found women very easy, I’m always very wary of them. I was bullied by older girls throughout my school life. (This is not ‘poor me’, scars are empowering). It has taken me this whole year to allow myself to drop my guard and let the women in my school see the true me. I have to say, the school I work in has some incredible women. As we broke up in July for the summer holidays, I suddenly realised that I’d stopped protecting myself and I’d began to show them my real me. I’m very lucky to work there.

I met my husband in September, 1985. We were in the same class at ‘big school.’ At first I thought he was just one of the quiet ones who blended in. He thought I was annoying and always disrupting lessons (poor teachers!). At 13, we became girlfriend and boyfriend. He has been my rock ever since. His name is Clive, but I seldom call him that. He’s my ‘Bugsy’, after our Drama teacher (Mr Lee), introduced our class to the classic film Bugsy Malone. It has been my husband’s favourite film ever since. My hubby represents the calming Yang to my eccentric Yin. He calls me his third and problem child …….. I’m always hopeful that this is a term of endearment!!

Our daughter, Harriet Kitty, was born in January 1996. She is phenomenal. She is the most selfless person I’ve ever met. She spends her days making sure that everyone is okay. She is such a spiritual being. There is nothing superficial about her, she constantly keeps it real. She is a Teaching Assistant at a special needs school. She was literally made for this role. The affinity she has with children is beautiful. My daughter is so funny, one of the people in this world who can make me cry tears of laughter. She’s my angel on Earth.

Our son, Louis Sacha, was born in August, 1999. He is charm and charisma personified. He can captivate an audience with his words. However, is the most modest person and also very sensitive. Annoyingly, this adds to the boy’s charm! He’s a Junior Consultant in risk management for the international company Aon. (He does not inherit his mathematical brain from me!!). He was born under the sign of Leo, and so, without realising, we all serve the King of the jungle. But he has the biggest heart and his sensitivity makes him incredibly intuitive.

My cat, Maximus, is my god. People worship a God, I worship my Max. We adopted him 13 years ago. My hubby and I are both mad about cats. The day we rescued him from Cats Protection, we promised we’d allow him the solitary cat life he deserved. Max knows I’d love a house full of cats, but also knows that I would never allow it in his lifetime. When I’m feeling broken, I sit and stare into his mesmerising eyes and I gain strength. I’ve earned  myself the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ title, but I absolutely love this name! I’m conscious of not writing too much about Max, as I could quite easily write a whole book on this black beauty!

Evie, is our 9 year old Westie. She signifies better health. My daughter developed CFS (some people know it as ME) when she was 12. I’m not going to talk too much about this as Hats doesn’t like me to do so. Our CFS consultant, at the time, asked if we’d consider getting a dog to help with the Pace method ….. Gentle exercise, rest etc. I asked Bugsy if we could buy a dog. He said no. I bought the dog! I was stupidly addicted to running at this time, doing daily 11 mile runs, crazy!!! (Thank goodness I’ve hung up those running shoes!). So a Rhodesian Ridgeback would have been my perfect running companion. Hats’ illness, Hats’ choice of dog. She chose the Westie. Evie represents the recovery from the debilitating effects of CFS. We love Evie.

My family define me. They’re my everything xxxxxxxx




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