Fit to drive test.

After being the passenger in Mum’s car, I promptly got a referral through their GP for a ‘Fit to drive test.’ After cancelling the first test a couple of weeks ago, declaring herself too busy?!,  my Mum now has it tomorrow……..

My Mum’s argument is that she has been driving for 59 years without any problems! That doesn’t answer the teeth marks I left in the side of the car! Not to mention the broken nails, from clinging to the dashboard and the loss of bodily functions….

My Dad was so sweet yesterday. In his confusion, he asked when we needed to take my Mum out for practice before her driving test. Bless him. I had to remind him that she was no longer 17. Although, I’m sure my Mum would beg to differ!

What I fail to understand is why the driver in question gets to choose their location to drive. They’re always going to pick an area they’re familiar with…… Avoid the Honiton to Seaton road tomorrow folks!

If my Mum fails, I shall feel bad. If my Mum passes, I shall feel bad….. (I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow?!!).

My Mum, the proud Virgo, will be jubilant if the result swings in her favour. If not, it will be my fault. This is the hardest part; trying to keep Mum and Dad safe, but conscious of the fact that this can mean compromising their independence. Grrrrrrrrrr, just grrrrrrrrrr!



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