Aquarius sleepover.

When Hat and I arrived at my parents’ house a little later than expected yesterday, my Mum was agitated. She said that 11.20am would be the busiest time to hit Lidl! She has little patience these days. I told Dad that the rain was awful, that he should stay indoors to avoid the bad weather. He said he wanted to come with us all, so he did. I watched as Dad pushed the trolley. He has not been part of a food shop for over 11 weeks, so I felt proud of him for wanting to give it a go. I felt anxious for him that we might bump into familiar faces, but luckily we didn’t. It makes me laugh… But a little concerned at the same time, by the amount of biscuits my Mum buys. She’s been diabetic, type 2, for over 7 years. My Dad has always been amazing in monitoring her sugar intake, however, since his stroke, she seems to be taking full advantage of the fact he’s not supporting her diet. It does seem a lot of chocolate chip shortbread! I am very conscious of this, so am relieved when she checks her levels.

When I asked Dad how he had slept, he said “It’s difficult when Mum is up doing crosswords until one in the morning .” I know Dad cannot understand time anymore, but a part of me began to question whether or not my Mum was actually doing crosswords until 1am!! When I stayed there for all those weeks, I knew her bedtime routine off by heart. I was now beginning to wonder if this routine was changing? Hat felt that Dad was just confused, and that Mum was probably still in her usual routine of sleeping well. I’m taking Dad to see his GP on Monday morning, Dad knows of this appointment and he can’t process when Monday, 8.40am actually is. So sad. This is a man who has kept a diary all his life. A man who can remember every date and what happened on that particular day.

I’m loving Hats being around all weekend. Everything has got me quite low lately, so having my Aquarius around to lift my spirit is so lovely. Last night when Bugsy got home from work, the 3 of us put a film on. When I’m around my hubby and daughter, their calming energy is so good for me. Needless to say, I missed most of the film and woke up to the closing credits! Normally, I’d be told by the Bugsy, to “get up and walk about, or eat some ice-cream,” but last night he just let me sleep. Louis and I are both powered by adrenaline, this is annoying. Poor Lou probably doesn’t thank his Mum for this inheritance. Bugsy and Hats are a different species, the lucky buggers! I have slept so well for the last 2 nights that Hats has stayed. Also, my lovely friend, Gini, made me a pillow spray, with essential oils. It’s amazing! I can smell the lavender and bergamot xxx I’d like to say that this great sleep has left me feeling amazing, but I’d be lying. I’ve got 11 weeks of sleep deprivation to catch up on, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

Hats told me that she’d seen a newspaper cutting at Mum’s. It was about an 80 year old lady getting her driving licence back. Oh please! I’m glad I’ve not seen this article, as I feel that this woman is now my Mum’s new hero and inspiration…..

It was Bonnie’s birthday yesterday. Hats has just told me there are lovely pics of cake and smiles. This makes me very happy. I’m off to look at said pics of our incredible, tenacious lady. Have a good Sunday everyone xxx



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