I’m keeping today’s blog short as I’m feeling a little emotionally battered. I took my Dad to see his GP this morning, Mum came along too. I have to say, their GP is a pretty fantastic chap, who has been their GP for a long time. I’m always impressed by the relationship he shares with Dad.

This morning’s appointment was to discuss; Dad’s sleeplessness at night, his sight problems and his anxiety, post stroke. His GP gave us lots of time. This is greatly appreciated when we’re all aware of the fact that the whole NHS system is under strain.

Once again, his GP reminded Dad that the broken pathways will be the culprit for loss of peripheral vision etc. His recent eye sight test showed that the eyes have not changed. The eyes haven’t changed, however the pathway from the brain to the eyes has changed, dramatically. It must be so hard to be told that this pathway might be restored, or it might not.

The sleeplessness is a concern. Dad is clearly in need of much sleep due to post stroke fatigue, however his nights are becoming more of a problem, as he’s unable to sleep. He has been given some medication to try and help with this problem.

Anxiety is very prevalent right now, Dad gets anxious over many things. The GP said that most people, post stroke, “hit a crisis point” within the first 12 weeks. We’re in week 11, so I can definitely see this crisis point right now. My Dad sadly brought up respite again today, he’d forgotten he’s already had it, plus that I had to bring him home 3 days earlier than expected.

My hubby is working today, so my sounding board is off radar. After our visit to the GP, I had to take Mum to her Podiatry appointment. When I returned home, I sat and phoned the Alzheimer’s Association. The woman I spoke to was so helpful, suddenly I didn’t feel so alone in my head. I’ve been given a local support group contact and access to an online forum.

My blog is a short one today, because I’m really trying to process all the thoughts that are running around in my head right now.


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