How relieved was I to have my Bugsy home yesterday after his 6 day stint of work. Although, I’m sure he would have probably preferred to work after yesterday’s developments!!

We had had my parents around at our house in the morning. Whilst at ours, Mum had asked Bugsy if she could have one of the Vauxhall Viva keys! Why? She justified it by telling him that she might need to get into it to get something…. Not this old chestnut again! When will she need 4 stuffed teddies, an owl shopping back and an old duster?! (We’ve removed the teddies from the parcel shelf, they live in the boot now). I could see my hubby stalling. I told Mum there was no point… Just as Bugs was handing over the spare key!! As I dropped them home, she was saying how lovely it was that her keys felt “heavier again!.” She seemed victorious that she had a key back in her possession.

After lunch, I drove around to my parents’ to pick Dad up to get his hair cut. My Mum ran out to me on the driveway. She was making fist pumps in the air! (It was lovely that she was so happy to see me!!). Bemused, I asked her if she was okay?! I literally couldn’t believe her reply… “A third party has contested my licence being revoked!.” I stood there, utterly bewildered, staring at my ecstatic Mum dancing. Total disbelief. I had no words… For a change. As I went into their house, she ran to the table to show me all the forms she had began to fill in. There were the words “We have received information from a third party.” Marvellous, DVLA, just bloody marvellous! I asked her if I could take the letter and the forms home to sit and read with Bugsy. She was not letting go of these forms! She told me she was going to fill it all out as quickly as possible to get her “back on the road!!!!.”

As Dad and I got into the car to head to town, I looked at him and said “What the fuck?!!!.” My Dad usually hates that word, but these days it goes unnoticed. He said how lovely it was to see Mum so happy! I quickly explained to him that it was because she might be on the road again. The penny dropped and he said “Oh, I see why you’re frustrated.” Poor Dad had been enjoying his jubilant wife, not really knowing what the excitement was all about.

As we got into town, I tried to forget about this development, momentarily, so I could enjoy my one-to-one time with my Dad. After his hair cut, he asked me if he could buy Mum an egg custard tart to celebrate her good news?! (Why not buy a bottle of Moët and Chandon just to add to the occasion?!!).

As we got back to the house, Mum had been busy filling out the forms. She was saying how it had been “an injustice” and how lovely it was that someone had fought her corner. How very lovely indeed. In fact, I couldn’t wait to get back to my hubby to tell him the great news! She was telling Dad about all the trips she could now take him on, I felt physically sick. I’ve not seen this passion in Mum for ages, but I hated the cause of this excitement. I told Dad to have a rest, and left the victorious Mum busy filling in her forms at the table.

Bugsy was cutting the grass when I arrived home. My glare said it all. He told me to get straight on to the DVLA. Data protection!!!!… I’m not allowed to know who the third party is and they’re not allowed to “check the validity of the third party?!.” Wonderful. I then phoned Red One, the fit to drive assessors, and asked them for …….Help!!!! There is nothing I can do, until the DVLA receive my Mum’s forms. She will possibly have a retest. I’m going to buy her a new duster for the occasion, so when she cleans that dashboard at 65mph, it’s going to shine like a good ‘un!

The third party has questioned whether her diabetes was a factor on the day?! She is type 2, controlled by tablets. She had told me earlier that her levels could have been a little off on the day of the test. Really, Mum, really? She hadn’t suggested this until now. Her driving has been unsafe for 2 years, or more, so why the levels were now in question, was totally beyond the Bugsy and I. Following the initial fit to drive, she was given the right to appeal, which she did. However, the GP makes the final decision as to whether or not the person is allowed a retest. My Mum had received a call from the GP to tell her that a retest would not be possible, given the facts. She was cross, but accepted. Well, she didn’t accept, she’s been militant ever since. However, for the last week, or so, she’s began to slowly accept the fact that she cannot drive. This new development has been a complete spanner in the works.

Whoever contested this decision to revoke my Mum’s licence has caused so much anxiety and stress we could do without right now. That might be their motive, to cause as much trouble as possible. Well played. But this isn’t a game, this is hard, and I don’t appreciate anyone meddling with things that have the potential to be really dangerous.

As my daughter took Mum food shopping last night, she saw just how bad my Mum’s spatial awareness is. Mum will bump into other people’s trollies without realising. This is in a supermarket, not on a road. The thought of Mum resuming her right to be on the roads, fills us with absolute dread.

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