Power cut.

Lights out, food stopped, power cut to the brain,

Pathways broken, processes damaged, lucky ones remain.

With no backup storage to cushion the blow,

Lights are back on, the blood regains flow.


The brain is amazing, until it falters,

But when it crashes, everything alters.

Taken for granted when it runs well,

A stroke gives no warning, the brain doesn’t tell.


The brain needs rewiring, a tangled mess,

You’re left with confusion, fatigue and distress.

You’re told to be patient, let the brain heal,

You’re allowed to feel anger, the stroke came to steal.


You’re my incredible Dad, you made people smile,

Now is your time to rest for a while.

We’re so lucky to have you, the stroke didn’t win,

My mighty Dad, hidden strength from within.







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