2018, Off you pop.


I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas and have filled your boots with festive food xxxxx

Christmas, Chez Madhouse, has been banter, to say the least. My Dad has been in a hilarious mood! Saying the funniest things. After 5 months of his mood being very low, post stroke, it’s been lovely to see him happy. A couple of days before Christmas, he had yet another fall in their garden. He couldn’t get up for ages. His revelation, on Christmas Day, “I’m ready to sell our house,” was absolute music to my ears! Within five minutes I had packed them all up, ready for the move. (In my head, of course!). The fact that he hadn’t told my Mum of his plans, until then, made it even more hilarious! The Vickery four and Al all leapt into action with suggestions and property searches. Dad kept asking if there will be “running water” at the new property! Bless him. My Dad has always been the joker of the pack. I have missed his humour so much these last few months. His brain is very muddled and confused, however, this return of his humour has been so funny this Christmas.

Al went on the hard sell, giving Dad information on a supported living complex in Honiton. By the end of the sales pitch, Al had my Mum convinced she’d be able to teach the other Residents the piano… Poor people! Dad was really excited for a move. I thought it was in the bag, until they were leaving and Mum said “I think a stairlift could be a possibility in our house!” … It’s going to be a bloody challenge, but as relentless as that woman is, I will always fight fire with fire. We are going to two viewings next Thursday, watch this space!

Mum has been hard work this Christmas. Dementia is extremely selfish. Clive’s Aunty came here on the 27th for dinner. We lost Uncle Fred on 5th January this year.   Christmas has been really hard for Aunty Win, without her husband. As she sat at the table, after dinner, talking to my Parents, Dad asked how Uncle Fred would have coped if she went first … Not really the question you ask someone!! Unfortunately, post stroke, my Dad has lost his filter for appropriate questions! Aunty Win completely understands that Dad has brain damage, however, it did make her cry. My Dad grabbed her hand and held it, apologising profusely for the question. I was sat beside Aunty Win, hugging her. My Mum just continued to do her crossword, totally oblivious to conversations around her. My old Mum would have had a heart full of empathy.

Aunty Win then played a game of Uno with my Parents. I was busy in the kitchen. Hats says Aunty Win was playing both their hands with them, helping them both. I’m glad I didn’t watch the game, my Dad used to play Uno with the children he privately tutored. It’s sad that he’s now unable to understand the game.

DVLA saga continues … On the Saturday before Christmas, my Mum received yet another letter from them. I kid you not, she only seems to receive correspondence from them on Saturdays! I do feel that someone in the Swansea office is providing me with lots of material for a future book! They continue to reply to her letters, which leads me to believe that they are; a) Too polite to ignore her b) Enjoying her letters c) Not busy enough and have too much time on their hands? This last letter contained photocopies of her latest correspondence with them. At least I now have evidence of what she’s writing to them! (I’m attaching a copy of her letter, hoping it makes you laugh). She’s frustrated that she can no longer drive the Qualcast at great speed, so she’s taking to letter writing at 100 mph.

My Parents have always been big letter writers. Dad’s Occupational Therapist has worked really hard with Dad’s letter formation over the last 5 months. He is now writing short letters to EVERYBODY! He’s even written a letter to my boss, thanking them for letting me take care of Dad this year. I would show my boss the letter, as I know they’d find it funny, but Dad thanks “Harriet Heroic” at the end. Haha! My daughter always comes out on top 😉 Today, he’s written a letter to the surgery, thanking them for everything. It also mentions the car park, “lovely computers” and the patient he sat beside yesterday! It’s a muddle of humour and serious, bless him. Dad took a book they had about illnesses to his GP yesterday. He told him he could have it. When I asked Dad what he’d said to his Doctor, he said “I told him it was a good book, which he might find very useful for his job!”… Suffice to say, his GP thanked him for his kindness, but declined his offer of the A-Z of illnesses …

I’m returning to work next week. I’m looking forward to it, but also apprehensive about leaving my Golden Oldies. I tried to reinvent myself with a haircut last week, but 4 inches is all I could manage. I hide in my hair when I’m having a bad day. Regardless of the fact that I wimped out on a new me, I’m determined to start 2019 as a 5ft 2 Ninja, kicking life’s butt.

2018 has been a huge learning curve for me. Life experiences shape us. I have severed all ties with my sister. This, until now, has made me feel really sad. However, approaching a new year, I’m leaving those feelings behind me. My sister has never been there for me or my family, so I shall not waste any more emotions on her. I have amazing, selfless children and hubby. I also have fantastic friends. So lucky. It really does take life’s challenges to realise who your true people are. I have so much love for my army. Xxxxxx Happy New Year to you all. I hope it brings good health and happiness to you all xxxxxxx (And a Happy New Year to the DVLA from Lewis Hamilton and her family!).


4 thoughts on “2018, Off you pop.

  1. You are remarkable Soph you should be proud of what you have achieved. I hope your mum responds well to house hunting in time. As regards to tipping the shit from your life go girl you will feel so much lighter.
    Your humour shines through these challenging times which is obvious you get that from your dad.,I’m so glad you had a glimmer of laughs from him this Yuletide. I don’t always get around to reading all your blogs I do apologise . I wish you all a happier year in 2019. Much love to you all including Lewis 😝xxx

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    1. Thank you so much, lovely Jojo ❤ You and your family have been a great support to me. Don’t have to be blood to be family xxxx Hope you have a happy, healthy new year too. Love you lots xxxxxxxxx


  2. I to have severed ties with my sister – due to her treatment of my brother and his wife – just have to say that you have kicked ass this year and made a huge difference to lots of our learners
    Thanks for sharing
    Your generosity is a real strength
    Grateful for your lovely friendship and your gutter style mind

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