DVLA – Still, the struggle is real!

The Grecian sun is lifting my spirit…. Plus my Hatpat… As she was sat beside a woman on the plane, the lady asked her where she was headed?… Hats’ reply… “We’re going to Greece!” No shit, Sherlock!!!! I’ve not had a good belly laugh for a while and it felt amazing! (Happy to report that Hats remained on the plane for the entire flight and got off at the first stop of Thessaloniki!!!).


Dear DVLA, you’ve got me all wrong,

Dashboard dusting? I was changing the song!

Did you expect me to take the hard shoulder?

Why should I? Please say… Is this ’cause I’m older?


Dear DVLA, my fight I shall keep,

I’ll plot, I’ll conspire, all whilst you sleep.

Breaking speed limits on test day. (Well, so you say!),

Just eager to pass cars that got in my way.


Dear DVLA, 56 years driving, no hits – It is true!

Erratic driving? Oh have a whisky, or two!

Funeral cortege? I was going with the flow,

Reckless at 20, then on with the show!


Dear DVLA, my daughter’s a bully,

I’ve years on Soph – she doesn’t understand fully.

My faithful duster, my sharp horn… BEEP BEEP!

Marvellous dashboard! Hello lovely sheep!!


DVLA, you didn’t consider either,

The open road, the Mama, the red Vauxhall Viva!

12 months on and I’m still annoyed…

Turn a blind eye – your chance to avoid?


Dear DVLA, I want a retest,

Sit in my Viva, I’ll do the rest.

“40 in a 30”, again, so you say!

I’ll never give up, I’ll be driving one day!






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