Bonnie xxxx

The brightest of lights went out on 15th January 2020.

Bonnie, a treasured cousin and a dear friend, I am going to miss you so much. Xxxx

Bonnie – the epitome of strength and fight,
She would never give up, when others might.
Her will, her tenacity were both made of steel,
She was determined to fight, determined to heal.

Bonnie, by name, by nature, by soul,
Her fortitude present when life took its toll.
On her journey, she gathered an Army to empower,
To lift her spirit during the darkest of hours.

Bonnie – her humour was second to none,
If you needed a laugh, she was there, job done.
“Yoga cat Callie… Dale will be laughing all day!”
“It was never that funny!” – She just had to say.

Dale and Kathy, her protectors, maintained high morale,
Defeat…An option Bonnie would never allow.
Isabella and Horatio filled her heart with pride,
She’ll forever watch over them, be there at their side.

Bonnie – the bravest, she was there to inspire,
As Cancer built strength, she fought it with fire.
Superwoman, we love you, you were one of a kind,
You’ll live on in our hearts and forever our minds.

Soph xxxx

2 thoughts on “Bonnie xxxx

  1. Hello Sophie,

    Your tribute was most difficult to read as i had to stop the first time. After composing myself i was able to continue and thought it was most touching. Royston will be reading it tomorrow at her service as neither i nor Candace could do it. We were supposed to go back to England once the cancer was removed but the trip will be just me and the kids when the time was right. Thank you for being there for her, i know she treasured your friendship.

    She was Superwoman.

    Love Dale, Isabella and Horatio.


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    1. Hello Dale,

      I’m so, so sorry for the late reply. My wordpress is really playing up and I’ve only just seen this message.
      You’ve all be in our thoughts so much.
      I’m so touched that Royston read out my poem. Bonnie really was the most incredible woman.
      Here for you if you ever need to talk. Please give Isabella and Horatio our love. Please look after yourself.
      All my love,
      Soph xxxx
      (We would love to see you all in England sometime).


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