The Infectious Human Spirit.

Invisible threat reigns terror in our world,

How long it lay dormant? A secret untold.

It builds momentum like a cruel, raging fire,

A monster of terror that just does not tire.

A microscopic, yet deadly, threat to us all,

Insatiable appetite, it does not stall.



Isolation and boundaries bring troubled hearts,

Devastating families right from the start.

As we live our new ‘normal’ our hearts all break,

We hope it is not real each time we awake.

We cling onto our spirit and live in hope,

Our spirit, a power that helps us to cope.



Our heroes on the front-line… We are in awe,

Dedication to duty, pride in them all.

Risk their lives to save others – selfless hearts unite,

We give huge gratitude as they keep up their fight.



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